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Survey Question and Answer (FAQ)-  Survey Questions: 150+ Good Survey Question Examples & Types.

What are good survey questions? Which question type should you use to get the best response rate? Does the language of the questions make a significance?.

Top 10 Best USA Survey Site List:

  1. Survey Jankie
  2. Branded Survey
  3. Swagbucks Survey
  4. MyPoints Survey
  5. FeaturePoints 
  6. OneOpinion
  7. PrizeRebel
  8. InboxDollar
  9. Toluna
  10. Qmee

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All Survey Question and Answer | 100% Complete Survey Profile | Online Survey Jobs

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Survey Question and Answer (FAQ) Sample:

  1. Enter Your Email Number
  2. Enter Your First Name
  3. Enter Your Last Name
  4. Enter Your ZipCode
  5. Then Finally Submit Here

Doing these things will become an account. Then you need to do email verification. The diameter became yours.

Now all you have to do is: complete the survey profile. Otherwise, the account will be banned. And how to make the profile 100% complete is shown in the video above.

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Survey Question and Answer: 

General Profile: 

1. Do you own any of the following pets? Select all that apply.






2. How much of your household’s grocery shopping do you do yourself?


Almost All of It

3. What’s your living situation?


Own – Home

4. What’s your marital status?



5. What’s your race?


White / Caucasian

6. What’s the highest level of education you have received?


Master’s Degree

7. Are you a registered voter? If yes, what’s your political affiliation?


Yes, Democrat

8. What is your job title, level of responsibility?


Information Technology

9. What’s your employment status?


Employed Full-Time

10. What is your job title, level or responsibility?


Manager (Group Manager, Sr. Manager, Manager, Program Manager)

This is how survey questions and answers have to be answered.

An online survey means “asking people questions about various things on the Internet.” And, these questions are answered by a certain audience through the Internet.

The questions asked may be on different topics. In particular, questions are asked about the products and services of different companies.

This is because most companies pay these survey websites to find out what people think or react to their company’s products or services.

Then, the websites ask people like you and me about the products or services of different companies and what we call surveys.

Finally, our reply report is communicated to the product companies.

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Nowadays, there are many ways to make money online from the internet. Among them, the rules of making money from blogs and making money through YouTube are the best and most profitable.

But, to make online income using these mediums, you have to work with a lot of hard work and time. Moreover, the presence of many kinds of general knowledge is also very important.

However, if you want to easily earn part-time by working online only 2 to 3 hours a day, then you can earn money online by doing survey work.

If you work for 2 to 3 hours every day, you will be able to earn about 8 to 10 thousand rupees. So, this means of making income online from home is much easier and more profitable.

For those who want to earn some part-time income by working from home, such as students or women, this type of online survey job is very profitable.

Remember, there are many “survey websites” on the Internet that are completely fake and will not pay for the work you do in the end.

So, you should know all about the paid survey websites that you will work on first.

100% real and genuine websites or not, payments are made from time to time, online reviews of websites will be burned and after knowing about them, you will sign-up and start working.

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